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OpenEdition Books ENS Éditions Perspectives du care

Perspectives du care

Edited by Fabienne Brugère, Claude Gautier and Vanina Mozziconacci

What is care? First of all, it is an object, which clarifies the political and ethical problems of
vulnerability, dependence and autonomy in a different way. Then it is a method, which builds a
sensitive and sensible point of view, providing a different way to describe the social forms of
human relationships in the world of moral, political and aesthetic life. Finally, it is another model
for human and social sciences
: as a set of theorizations. Care studies justify the distancing of
narrow rationalism and formalism; they require the integration of feminist problems and gender
studies to rebuild new critical perspectives on the social and political world. For these reasons, the
field of care is multidisciplinary and does not only involve philosophy, sociology and psychology,
but also law, economics and political sciences.

ISSN (Print version): 2556-9511

Electronic ISSN: 2679-0300

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