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Investigations: The Expanded Field of Writing in the Works of Robert Morris

Katia Schneller
Noura Wedell


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1We would first of all like to thank Robert Morris and his wife for the support they have given this project since its inception, for their presence during the symposium and for the unpublished materials presented here.

2We are also very much obliged to the General Director of the École normale supérieure of Lyon during the period of the symposium, Olivier Faron, as well as the Director of the Lyon Museum of Contemporary Art, Thierry Raspail, who made this event possible in both institutions.

3We would like to express our affectionate gratitude to Jean-Marie Gleize, then Director of the Center for Studies in Poetics (CEP), now the Center for Comparative Studies in the Arts (CERCC) at the ENS of Lyon, for his friendship, enthusiasm, and generosity. We also wish to recognize the invaluable help we received from scholars and staff at the Center for Studies in Poetics and at the ENS of Lyon (Marie Limongi, David Gauthier, Éric Pellet, Afifa Zenati, Marie Bizais, Johann Defer, Annie Desbruères, Anne Roberty), as well as from the team at the Lyon Museum of Contemporary Art (Hervé Percebois, Isabelle Guedel, Gaëlle Philippe).

4A special thanks goes out to Rachel Stella, without whom this project would certainly not have had the same form.

5We are grateful to Jean Kempf, professor at the université Lumière Lyon II, and to Jean-Pierre Criqui, editor in chief of the Cahiers du Musée national d’art moderne, for their participation in the symposium.

6We wish to thank Zachary Kaplan for his invaluable editorial assistance.

7Finally, we are indebted to Aurélien Gleize, who initiated this artistic and intellectual project.

© ENS Éditions, 2015

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