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Les langues en débat dans une Europe en projet

Debating languages in the making of Europe

In recent decades, discourse promoting and valuing plurilingualism has permeated different spheres of society. It is shaped by various social players, among which the Council of Europe plays a central role in the production and circulation of discourse and ideas on plurilingualism in Europe. Materialised in various instruments, such as recommendations, guides and frames of reference, these ideas build the foundations of a discourse of authority.
At the crossroads of sociolinguistics, dis...

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  • Publisher : ENS Éditions
  • Series : Langages
  • Place of publication : Lyon
  • Year of publication : 2021
  • Published on OpenEdition Books : 15 avril 2021
  • EAN (Print version) : 9791036202919
  • Electronic EAN : 9791036202933
  • DOI : 10.4000/books.enseditions.17910
  • Number of pages : 308 p.

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