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Bibliothèque idéale des sciences sociales

Edited by Pierre Mercklé

Encouraging the social sciences to be read and re-read: this is the ambition of the Bibliothèque idéale des sciences sociales (Bi2S). By publishing digital and print re-editions of key works in the social sciences, this collection aims to enable as many people as possible to discover or rediscover the great classics that underpin the various disciplines of the social sciences (sociology, history, geography, economics, anthropology, political science, among others). It also aims to give readers access to more recent books and reference texts that have become unavailable or difficult to access.

The original texts of the works reprinted in the Bibliothèque des sciences sociales are all accompanied by a new preface, written by a leading specialist on the author and the republished work. Depending on the title, the edition of the original texts may be augmented with additional texts, translations, interviews with the authors, unpublished appendices, etc.

ISSN (Print version): 2274-5831

Electronic ISSN: 2274-164X

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