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Feuillets : économie politique moderne

Edited by Ludovic Frobert, Michaël Assous and Véronique Dutraive

« FEUILLETS : Économie politique moderne » is a collection of monographs of between 120 and 130 pages. It consists of titles which follow the following logic and composition. Firstly, the texts published or republished cover the evolution of modern economics. The texts are relatively short - articles or excerpts - which are currently not readily available because, for example, they were originally published in a foreign language (in this case they will, of course, be translated), or because they were never republished. A critical introduction is also provided to situate the text and its author in context and bring to light what makes them interesting and original in terms of exchanges between philosophy and economics; that may be achieved from different perspectives - the history of a work, a concept or a tradition. The greatest possible emphasis is placed on the enduring problems raised in the relationship between the two disciplines. As far as composition is concerned, each monograph might average one third criticism and two thirds commentary.

ISSN (Print version): 1254-9878

Electronic ISSN: 2490-5305

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