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Following the merger of Lyon’s two ENS (Ecole Nationale Supérieure) into a single institution and the foundation within it of the Institut français de l’Education (French Education Institute), the ENS Editions university press publishes works from all over the world, by both French and foreign researchers, which reflect the issues being studied in research centres throughout the School.


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Christian Prigent à l’œuvre

Sylvain Santi

Christian Prigent’s books are all fuelled by a drive to grasp a reality that stands firm against the so-called reality of any depiction that claims to reflect it. No matter the genre, this series of books is subjective in terms of the piece, meaning it constantly looks into itself, questions a...

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Magies de la répétition

Emmanuelle Prak-Derrington

A beating heart, the alternation of night and day, the flow of seasons, Monday mornings… Our lives are made up of endless repetitions. But what about repetition in language? Verbal repetition, long neglected as an area of study, is today being examined through numerous studies that tackle its ...

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Métamorphoses du livre

Textes fugitifs

Le récit d’esclave au prisme de l’histoire du livre

Michaël Roy

Situated at the crossroads of African American studies and the history of the book, Fugitive Texts examines the publication, circulation, and reception of antebellum slave narratives. The story of the slave narrative is well rehearsed: narratives of former slaves, critics say, were usually wri...

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