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Middle Ages without borders: a conversation on medievalism

Tommaso di Carpegna Falconieri
Pierre Savy
Lila Yawn

e) A Disneyland of death: history and spectacle at Forest Lawn Memorial-Park, Glendale, California

2) The Last Supper of Forest Lawn, medievalism, and female entrepreneurship in Fascist Italy

Ingrid D. Rowland

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1The Great Mausoleum at Forest Lawn in Glendale preserves not only copies of Michelangelo’s sculpture but also a stained-glass replica of Leonardo da Vinci’s Last Supper, commissioned by Forest Lawn’s founder William Eaton in 1925 of the Italian master glass painter Rosa Moretti Caselli (1896-1989). Founded in 1858, the Moretti-Caselli studio capitalized from the outset on a revived nineteenth-century interest in medieval art and architecture, creating stained glass by using traditional medieval techniques. Rosa Moretti Castelli took over the entire operation after the sudden death of her father in 1922, a rare example of a woman entrepreneur in the Fascist era. Completing the huge project for Los Angeles would take Moretti Caselli and her collaborators five years; the glass was finally installed in 1930. The studio is still active today from its base in Perugia, still run by female relatives of the founding family.


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