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L'action culturelle allemande en Chine

Françoise Kreissler

III. Annexes

Annexe 11. Brochure antisémite parue à Shanghai vers 1938

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Estratto del testo


To all Chinese, Japanese and Gentiles Alike



Be Prepared to Resist

An Economic Invasion and

An Era of Crime, Sin and Intrigue

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At a time when the Sino-Japanese undeclared war is going on in China; when in Palestine the Arabs are fighting for the deliverance of their country from the Jewish yoke imposed upon them by the British Jews; when Spain is being ravaged by civil war provoked by the Jews, and a general recutting of states is proceeding in Europe, few people seem to be interested in the so-called "refugees" and 'martyrs" of Hitler.

We mean the so-called new emigrants in China, i.e., the Austrian and German Jews who are steadily arriving in Shanghai.

Shanghai, whose business life had withered owing to the Sino-Japanese hostilities; Shanghai, where thousands of unemployed foreigners are being repatriated at the expense of their Consulates; Shanghai, where millions of Chinese refugees have to be fed at the expense of the ratepayers and fo...

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