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L'action culturelle allemande en Chine

Françoise Kreissler

III. Annexes

Annexe 11. Brochure antisémite parue à Shanghai vers 1938

Texte intégral


2To all Chinese, Japanese and Gentiles Alike



5Be Prepared to Resist

6An Economic Invasion and

7An Era of Crime, Sin and Intrigue

At a time when the Sino-Japanese undeclared war is going on in China; when in Palestine the Arabs are fighting for the deliverance of their country from the Jewish yoke imposed upon them by the British Jews; when Spain is being ravaged by civil war provoked by the Jews, and a general recutting of states is proceeding in Europe, few people seem to be interested in the so-called "refugees" and 'martyrs" of Hitler.

We mean the so-called new emigrants in China, i.e., the Austrian and German Jews who are steadily arriving in Shanghai.

Shanghai, whose business life had withered owing to the Sino-Japanese hostilities; Shanghai, where thousands of unemployed foreigners are being repatriated at the expense of their Consulates; Shanghai, where millions of Chinese refugees have to be fed at the expense of the ratepayers and foreigners, i.e. at the expense of still existing foreign enterprises; Shanghai, where 24,000 Russian emigrants have more or less settled, but are in the majority living a hand to mouth existence, this Shanghai has suddenly become the "Promised Land" for those who, in Europe, i.e., in Austria, Germany and Czechoslovakia, were doing destructive work, leading the life of parasites and, generally speaking, lived at the expense of German, Austrian, Czechoslovakian and Ruthenian workers. Briefly speaking, Shanghai has become a shelter for the Austrian and German Jewish emigrants.

How? Why? Nobody knows!

While in Shanghai thousands of unemployed foreigners, many of whom are college graduates, are living at the expense of their fathers and relatives or are supported by their governments, while the Chinese, graduated from universities of America, France, Germany, Britain, etc., are forced to work for $12.00 a month, just to keep body and soul together, Shanghai, that same Shanghai, has opened wide her gates to the Jewish emigrants.

It appears that all countries are blaming Germany, reproaching the pure Germans who had kicked out the parasites. But, at the same time, neither Britain nor France, nor the VS SR, for the time being, has yet given shelter to these "sufferers". There are many projects: Some are charitably offering them the North Pole or Alaska, but even there airfields are now being built and the Jews find it is too cold there. Others say that the Jews should be settled in Africa, but there is the danger of pogroms. The British say that the best place for the settlement of the Jews should be the cradle and sanctuary of the Christians, Jerusalem, but, unfortunately, there the masters-the Arabs-are dying and killing the new arrivals, as well as their defenders ...

In the meantime the hook-nosed, flap-eared "victims" of Hitler's regime continue arriving in Shanghai with pounds sterling and U.S. Dollars in the pockets of their well tailored suits.

Who gave them permission to come?

Why was the arrival in Shanghai of these Jews, allegedly innocent "martyrs" , allowed?

Who are they? Are they really refugees? If so, then why have they at once soaked in throughout Shanghai, become immediately settled and are already scheming something- plotting-but, for the time being, confining themselves to anti-German propaganda. And, on the whole, would they be able to travel here from Austria and Germany, 12,000 miles, had they really been refugees?

Certainly not!

Could they have arrived here, were there no war here? Why are they entering this port without permission of the new Reformed Government?

By what right, in general, have they arrived here, in this city, where struggle for a piece of bread is in full swing and where millions of Chinese refugees, real owners of this country, are dying of hunger? And, after all who are these "emigrants"?

Picture to yourself a scum-a dirty, stinking scum, or some scurvy which one has to burn out with a red-hot iron, or some parasites which only can be exterminated by purge, — that is what these new arrivals are; and the responsability for their penetration here should be, in the first place, ascribed to those who are now masters of Shanghai.

We do not hint at the Jews who predominate in the financial, economic and political structure of Shanghai and who invited those new emigrants to this city. We mean those who, being masters here by right of conquest, allow the landing of such pestiferous leeches which will stick to them and not only suck their blood, but infect them as well; who will penetrate into the rear of Japanese lines o communications, where, even without them, a struggle is going on against the Anglo-Masonic influence, and where the Kagal is at work to undermine the prestige of the Imperial Japanese Army As a matter of fact, these "Semigrantes" are partly parasites who had participated in staging various revolutions in Europe an were the tentacles of the Komintern in Germany and Austria, and partly the leeches sucking the blood of Aryan workers, peasants, merchants and industrialists of Europe.

What are they, these newly arrived emigrants?

Could anyone really believe the Jewish propaganda assuring that Hitler had driven all Jews out of Austria and Germany, when these "paupers", after having arrived as 1st and 2nd class passengers, are indiscriminately renting rooms here at crazy prices and appealing, at the same time, to international Shanghai for assistance in finding jobs and for giving them food!

"Jew" is a parasite who likes to exist at the expense of the "goys"

It is said in the Talmud and Tora: "Cheat the goy and you shall obtain rest for yourself and be blessed by God."

Jews, both literate and illiterate, know perfectly, like the ABC of Communism, their Tora and that is why they had for ages sucked the blood of the German-Austrian population and other nationalities which inhabited these states.

Hitler decided to get rid of parasites and threw them out, but not all of them.

All those who keep quiet and do honest work were allowed to stay. True, they are under a rigorous control, but that is because, as an Arabian proverb says "To trust a Jew means to dig a grave for oneself"

Now, let us turn back retrospectively What was happening in Europe, and in Germany and Austria in particular, before the advent of Hitler. Who ruled the states?


Financial magnates, bankers of international (Jewish) firms were changing the Cabinet ministers like a smart cocotte does her gloves. They were everywhere and even managed t get into the Army Railways, banks, hospitals, factories, hotels, steamship companies, courts of justice and legal practice, police service, universities and schools, theatre and arts,- everything was in their hands.

The Great Kagal held in its power the destiny of the Great German Nation.

Masonic lodges of various sorts, organized by the Jewish Kagal, numerous artistic, free-masonic lewd societies of free love, as well as pestiferous, abnormal arts and press,-all were in the hands of Jews who were corrupting the people and making them weaker through their educational system of effeminacy, implanting sin and soul-poison.

And then came a man. It was Hitler. And he changed everything according to his own way He made youth work and enlivened the old people. He introduced the old iron discipline, broke down the fetters imposed by the international Kagal and threw the scum, the pest, out of the country for good.

We want to cite an instance.

Imagine for a moment what would happen, if Kaganovich had persuaded Stalin to let go all the malcontent Russians?

The flood of Russians from Russia would sweep everything in its way and it would prove a tornado for Europe and Asia.

But the Kaganoviches and the Kagal, ruling over Russia, or the so-called U.S.S.R., are not fools and do not want to let go the enslaved people; they are simply exterminating the Russians of the older generations, while the new one is growing up in slavery.

All that is left of the old and traditional, all the pure and bright, all that was created by Russia, they are shooting ta death or strangling in concentration camps in the North or in the deserts of Turkestan, while all the new generation, not knowing life, are subjugated and exploited for their own purposes.

This trick did not work in Germany, nor in Austria. Hitler did not shoot them down, but simply said: "Get out and stay out!"

Instead of being grateful to Hitler, they raised a Jewish hue and cry about "Justice".

Where had they to go to? To Guiana where they are kindly invited by France, that same France which, under the pressure of public opinion, had closed the penal settlements there. No, the Jews will not go there. They will not go ta Alaska too, because it is too cold there and then there are no cabarets nor brothels which they could exploit. No, they know of a city which a gang of international Jews is holding in their hands and which had been named the Babylon of the Far East. Here they came to build a new Tower of Babel which will reach to the heavens and then punish Hitler.

The place was certainly well chosen by them: Shanghai, China.

Shanghai is famed for its streets like Ezra Road, named in honour of a Jewish family whose members either are jailed in the United States for trafficking in narcotics or serving on the Municipal Council here. Some of the diplomatic representatives here are Jews, brothel-keepers are Jews, owners of gembling and wheel houses are ]ews... Jews in the Municipal Council, Jews-owners of houses and lands, Jews owners of hotels, pharmacies, restaurants, money lending offices. Jewish lawyers, musicians, everywhere Jews. Look anywhere and you will see a Jew, if not Soviet, then British. Recently Kroker, a German-Jewish journalist, even discovered that there are in Shanghai two districts populated by Chinese Jews. … Such "luck," -even Chinese Jews!

Of course, a snake will never sting a snake, but they both will attack somebody else and thus the whole international Kagal of Shanghai Jews has raised such a noise here that one feels nauseated from the stench.

The smaller part of Europeans who keep aloof and are independent from the Shanghai Jewish-Masonic influence would not have paid attention to Jewish propaganda, had they not suddenly noticed these "refugees" in the streets with Kodaks and Leica cameras (Made in Germany), standing in turn at exchange-shops, devouring cakes in cafes and having meals in fashionable hotels. Imagine the consternation of those who were working for the relief of Chinese and Russian refugees when there appeared a new appeal:

"Help us, poor Jewish refugees from Austro-Germany!"

What a "poor" Jew needs is well explained by a proverb:

"Only a small piece of bread and a big wagon of butter."

Various Jewish organizations-Kadima and Ezra & Co.-are inspiring correspondence sections of newspapers, showing "evidence" of the oppression suffered by the Jews in Austria and Germany For instance, a drunken Jew, while on board a steamer bound for Shanghai, as a result of some financial quarrel, punched the nose of another Jew, and, in spite of the fact that he had already fled from Germany two months ago, Shanghai Rabbis demonstrated the beaten Jew to all pressmen as a living evidence of Nazi atrocities in concentration camps.

There is the entry in the ship' s log, the testimony of the ship' s doctor and last but not least an affidavit signed by the Jew in question, a certain W Silberberg, himself. But no NEWSP APER in Shanghai dared to give evidence against a Jew, as nearly the whole English Press in Shanghai is controlled and managed by the "Chosen People."

Other representatives of this brazen-faced nation demonstrated some awful, black, flap-eared Jew, curly like a spaniel, with a big hooked nose, hanging lower lips, in spectacles; the demonstration took place in a "closed place" where he showed his piles, while the demonstrators stated that Nazis who guarded this Jew in the concentration camp forced him to.. have illicit intercourse with them. In this connection, the oldest English newspaper of Puritanic diehards, "The North China Daily News", published a note about this "victim" of the "sadistic Nazis." And all that for the sake of a scurvy, hemorrhoidal Jew!

This is not a joke, Gentlemen. A terrible danger is looming - for the foreigners, as well as for Chinese and Japanese, because the arrivals are those who were planting Communism in all its forms, in Europe.

Let us see, who have arrived?

Jewish workers, peasants, artisans or merchants? No! Certainly no!

Those are still living in Europe as they had always lived. The new arrivals represent, without exception, the most dangerous element; they are those who, by word and acts, were poisoning the nationalities inhabiting Europe.

Those who have arrived here are the speakers who had preached Communism in all its forms; journalists who introduced that same Communism through the Press, Moscow preachers, various scientists propagating free love and anarcho-communism; all kinds of chemists poisoning the population with spurious products; artistes organizing erotic societies, teachers corrupting the youth; physicians, specialists in dangerous abortions and other illegal operations, and, finally, professors of the Komintern and Profintern, of all shades. Arrived also are those who were parasites and WHO WERE BOUND TO GIVE ACCOUNT FOR THE EVIL WHICH PLUNGED GERMANY AND AUSTRIA into unequal treaties and nearly turned Germany into a second USSR, into a country under the yoke of international Jewry

While the Chinese rich of yesterday are soliciting alms and their daughters have become prostitutes, when the mass of Chinese artisans are living in concentration camps, when millions of Chinese remain unemployed and are dying of diseases and starvation, the newly arrived Jews have already partly settled. They are already engaged in commerce, publishing various leaflets, doing propaganda, opening various shadowy clinics and, generally, are conducting propaganda against everything that is against them.

Before long Shanghai will experience all kinds of Jewish tricks like various "panamas", confidence tricks, clever thefts, seduction of infants, organization of different erotic clubs, etc. In the near future Shanghai will see the birth of various "communist societies of workers", "trade unions", etc. No sooner did these Jews step on the shores of Shanghai then they already dare to raise their voice against those who had spent here many, many years and who by the sweat of their brows earned their living in Shanghai. The newly arrived Jews already have their commissars and emissars doing propaganda in the newspapers and through the broadcasting stations and who are staying in the Cathay and Palace Hotels.

They have already started buying brothels and cabarets, opening money-lending offices, organizing various information bureaus. And there are expected more of them: all passages from Trieste and London have been booked in advance until February I939,-for Shanghai!

It seems to us to be a misunderstanding that, for instance, the Japanese cannot see that they are going to give shelter on their breast to a cobra.

We are informed that the newly arrived Jews are conducting negotiations for permission to settle in North China and Mongolia, as well as in Japan. In North China they will easily establish a liaison with the USSR, while in Japan they will prove good workers for the Komintern in the organization of revolution; THE JAP ANESE SHOULD NOT FORGET THAT JEWS, LE., THOSE WHO ARE ARRIVING HERE, WERE THE CONDUCTOR OF REVOLUTIONS IN EUROPE.

Local and Tientsin-Harbin Jews are issuing declarations, in which they assure Japan that they would not go against the Law, while in Japan herself a smarting blow had been dealt in the realm of economics by the Jews through the speculations with currencies, by those same Jews... "To trust a Jew means to dig a grave for oneself," -the Japanese sages should not forget this wise Arabian proverb.

Behead the snake, otherwise it will sting you!

Keep the Jews under control, otherwise you shall perish. This should be borne in mind by all those who give shelter to all Judo-socialists, communists, satanists and all those who are arriving here.

Remember that the World Kagal and Komintern had sent them here-at their expense!

To let the Jews into China at this time is not only dangerous but it is sheer madness. We realize that the old Government of China is far away, somewhere in Szechuen (and they have no time for them), while the new one is not yet duly recognized, and therefore Jews are coming here, each steamer unloading hundreds of these racketeering parasites.

Like bedbugs they are crawling out and filling Shanghai. Later they will scatter all over China and then there will be no need for the Komintern to bother itse1f and look for agents in China. Owing to the negligence of the Europeans, Chinese and Japanese SEVERAL HUNDREDS OF SWINDLERS have already arrived here; and they will be follwed by others who will come without fear, because, it appears, each one of them there is prepared a place for organizing a new RED FRONT IN CHINA.




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