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L'action culturelle allemande en Chine

Françoise Kreissler

III. Annexes

Annexe 4. Règlement de l’école sino-allemande à Canton

(« Erster Jahresbericht der deutsch-chinesischen Schule in Canton über das Schuljahr », acp, ae : 16-18, film 30365.)

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Extracto del texto

vich had persuaded Stalin to let go all the malcontent Russians?
The flood of Russians from Russia would sweep everything in its way and it would prove a tornado for Europe and Asia.
But the Kaganoviches and the Kagal, ruling over Russia, or the so-called U.S.S.R., are not fools and do not want to let go the enslaved people; they are simply exterminating the Russians of the older generations, while the new one is growing up in slavery.
All that is left of the old and traditional, all the pure and bright, all that was created by Russia, they are shooting to death or strangling in concentration camps in the North or in the deserts of Turkestan, while all the new generation, not knowing life, are subjugated and exploited for their own purposes.
This trick did not work in Germany, nor in Austria. Hitler did not shoot them down, but simply said: “Get out and stay out!”
Instead of being grateful to Hitler, they raised a Jewish hue and cry about “Justice”.
Where had they to go to? To Guiana wher...

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