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L’hôpital en Asie du Sud

Clémence Jullien
Bertrand Lefebvre
Fabien Provost

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Sneha Banerjee

She is Post-Doctoral Fellow at the Centre de Sciences Humaines (CSH), New Delhi. She was previously at the Department of Social Anthropology and Cultural Studies, University of Zürich as a postdoc recipient of the Swiss Government Excellence Scholarship (2017-18). She has a PhD (2016) from the Centre for Comparative Politics and Political Theory, School of International Studies, Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU), New Delhi. Her research interests lie in the field of feminist theory and gender studies, broadly and reproductive technologies, commercial surrogacy and reproductive labour in particular.


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– 2018 “The Law Commission and Surrogacy: A Critical Look at the 228th Report,” Journal of Indian Law and Society, “Indian F...

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