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Salam America

Aminah Mohammad-Arif

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1AAHOA Asian American Hotel Owner Association

2ABCD American Born Confused Desi

3AFMI American Association of Muslims from India

4AIC American Islamic College

5AIM Association of Indian Muslims

6AMASES American Muslim Alliance Social and Family Services

7AMC American Muslim Council

8AMM American Muslim Mission

9AMSE Association of Muslim Scientists and Engineers

10AMSS American Muslim Social Scientists

11BCCI Bank of Credit and Commerce International

12BJP Bharatiya Janata Party

13CAIR Council on American-Islamic Relations

14CSA Concerned South Asians

15FIA Federation of Indian Association

16FOB Fresh off the Boat

17HSS Hindu Swayam Sevak Sangh

18IAFPE Indian American Forum for Political Education

19ICCNY Islamic Cultural Center of New York

20ICLI Islamic Center of Long Island

21ICNA Islamic Center of North America

22ILA Indian League of America

23IMA Islamic Medical Association

24IMANA Islamic Medical Association of North America

25IMG Indian Medical Graduate

26IPSG Indian Progressive Study Group

27ISNA Islamic Society of North America

28ITC Islamic Teaching Center

29ITT Indian Institute of Technology

30LDC Licensed Drivers Coalition

31MCNY Muslim Center of New York

32MSA Muslim Student Association

33MSI Muslim Savings and Investment

34MYNA Muslim Youth of North America

35NRI Non Resident Indian

36PAC Pakistan American Congress

37PAK-PAC Pakistani Physicians’ Public Affairs Committee

38RFRA Religious Freedom Restoration Act

39RSS Rashtriya Swayam Sevak Sangh

40SAAA South Asian Aids Action

41SALGA South Asian Lesbian and Gay Association

42SAYA South Asian Youth Action

43SCMS Sister Clara Muslim School

44VHP Vishva Hindu Parishad

45WAMY World Assembly of Muslim Youth

46YAR Youth Against Racism

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