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Le partage des eaux entre la Syrie, l’Irak et la Turquie

Marwa Daoudy


Annexe II. Protocol on matters pertaining to economic cooperation between The Syrian Arab Republic and The Republic of Turkey

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The Syrian Arab Republic and the Republic of Turkey, Recalling historic and cultural ties existing between the two countries,

Desirous to add new dimensions to already existing good neighbourly relations,

Bearing in mind numerous complementaries in the economics of their countries,

Agreed to sign the present Protocol.



6 - During the filling up period of the Ataturk Dam reservoir and until the final allocation of the waters of Euphrates among the three riperian countries, the Turkish Side undertakes to release a yearly average of more than 500M3/Sec. five hundred cubic meter per second at the Turkish-Syrian borders and in cases where the monthly flow falls below the level of 500M3/Sec., five hundred cubic meter per second, the Turkish Side agrees to make up the difference during the following month.

7 - The two Sides shall work together with the Iraqi Side to allocate the waters of the rivers Euphurates and Tigris in the shortest possible time.

8 - The two Sides a...

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