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The Asian side of the world - II

Jean-François Sabouret


Asia at the crossroads of concerns

Jean-François Sabouret

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September 2014

The focus remains forever and always on Asia; the abyssal Asia with its ancient sources and the present Asia that is conjuring the future and for the long term. The Pacific is an immense and violent region, from which typhoons originate and which shelters the constantly moving tectonic plates, relentlessly threatening islands and continents from powerful earthquakes and destructive tsunamis.

It is a vision that is obsolete today, separating the study of Asia from that of the Pacific. Impossible, even dangerous, to separate these two entities under the pretext that one represents a region of ancient lands and the other, an “aqueous region”, fragile to unwritten and uncertain cultures.

China is presented as the inhabited Middle Kingdom and is becoming a leading maritime power year after year, threatening American domination in this vast Pacific region. Is dying for islands claimed by neighbouring and opposition countries unthinkable nowadays? The powers of the sea and bord...

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