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The Asian side of the world - II

Jean-François Sabouret

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Jean-François Sabouret


Asia at the crossroads of concerns

Part One. Regional dynamics and globalization

Bernard Mauchamp

Sericulture in Asia: yesterday, today, tomorrow

History: the sericulture of yesterday
The silkworm
The mulberry tree
Sericulture today
The sericulture of tomorrow
Alain Nass

Inter-Korean tensions: ideology first, at any cost?

The rising crisis
2010, confrontation
The sinking of the “Cheonan”
Artillery shelling of Yongpyeong island
Lessons learnt and prospects
Samuel Guex

Was Confucius Korean?

Sources of Chinese-Korean contention

Thierry Sanjuan

The Chinese periurban environment and globalisation

Shanghai, an innovative model
Songjiang, a new town
Periurban areas: the future of Chinese towns?
Roger Williames

War or Peace?

The Asia-Pacific region in the year 2013

Olivier Blarel

The regional challenge of an emerging India

Origins of India’s troublesome relation with its periphery
From crisis to the “rediscovery of Asia”
India’s difficult odyssey in Asian regionalism
India’s rise and South Asia: stepping stone or stumbling block?
Marie-Orange Rivé-Lasan

The Korean Peninsula: source of incompréhension

“Korea” no longer exists!
Over-publicized events in the North and under-publicized events in the South
Specialists on “contemporary Korea” and the media

Part Two. National challenges and strategies

Nicolas Baumert

Sake, a Japanese exception

Japanese rice wine
An identity product
An anachronistic drink?
Dominique Caouette

The Philippines: a never-ending democratic transition

The Philippines: a neo-patrimonial state
Dominique Rolland

French traces in Viet Nam

Jules Naudet

Is India a closed society?

Some thoughts on the issue of social mobility

Class, caste and status
Discrimination, social mobility and the closure of Indian society
Social mobility and ties to the group of origin
Leïla Choukroune

Justice for the poor or poor justice?

Bottom-up again
The sirèns of tradition
Virginie Dutoya

Feminising and “modernising” political life: Comments on cases in India and Pakistan

Women’s representation within the parliaments of India and Pakistan
Women’s political representation and modernity: from James Mill to Pervez Musharraf

Part Three. Constructing theories

Sébastien Lechevalier

Towards a better understanding of Asian capitalisms?

The revival of comparative capitalism analyses… without Asia
Towards a new research programme: bringing Asia into the comparative capitalism perspective
An example: analysing new emerging welfare systems in Japan, the Republic of Korea and China
Robert Boyer

Asia has become the laboratory of various forms of capitalism and a challenge for the social sciences

Asia is not Latin America: contrasting path of development
“Japan number one”, a challenge to American capitalism and its theorists
Boom, crisis, stagnation: crises are an integral part of capitalism
Hong Kong, Singapore and Taiwan: where other forms of Asian capitalism are still present
A promising research agenda for social sciences