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Trésors monétaires XXIX

Vincent Drost

Planches 31 à 40

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Planche 31

Image 10000000000008DC00000C5EE56605A88F84BAF5.jpg

Planche 32

Image 10000000000008DC00000C5E16F19FD2E9DF9A26.jpg

Planche 33

Image 10000000000008DC00000C5E0C071D7BD8ACB3A1.jpg

Planche 34

Image 10000000000008DC00000C5E6DC1D37004EC0CC0.jpg

Planche 35

Image 10000000000008DC00000C5E624B3584FCFAE327.jpg

Planche 36

Image 10000000000008DC00000C5EDF64CB51A7F68537.jpg

Planche 37

Image 10000000000008DC00000C5E7F3C6A4D614878B9.jpg

Planche 38

Image 10000000000008DC00000C5E7A50160B258D534D.jpg

Planche 39

Image 10000000000008DC00000C5EBDC6432B30A6275E.jpg

Planche 40

Image 10000000000008DC00000C5EBA7780619ECC7434.jpg

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