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Trésors monétaires XXIX

Vincent Drost

Planches 21 à 30

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Planche 21

Image 10000000000008DC00000C5E8135622C123A631A.jpg

Planche 22

Image 10000000000008DC00000C5E363BC547DC95FEF2.jpg

Planche 23

Image 10000000000008DC00000C5E055F25D10BB9889B.jpg

Planche 24

Image 10000000000008DC00000C5E42924EB8A196A0D1.jpg

Planche 25

Image 10000000000008DC00000C5E143A0BA77E3872F4.jpg

Planche 26

Image 10000000000008DC00000C5EDCB5CEDC48BF648C.jpg

Planche 27

Image 10000000000008DC00000C5EE60709AEEE475038.jpg

Planche 28

Image 10000000000008DC00000C5E2DB1364EE9E26740.jpg

Planche 29

Image 10000000000008DC00000ACEF9B2979D7AB831EC.jpgImage 10000000000008DC00000C5EC5B91D85ABF63B3C.jpg

Planche 30

Image 10000000000008DC00000C5E2CB054C2246113C7.jpg

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