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Les mozarabes

Cyrille Aillet

Table des planches

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1Planche I. — Biblia hispalense, BNE, ms. Vit. 13.1, f° 161r° 380

2Planche II. — Eusèbe de Césarée, Historia ecclesiastica, ACL, ms. 15, f° 10r° (IXe siècle) 381

3Planche III. — Grégoire le Grand, Moralia in Iob, BCT, ms. 11.4, f° 249r° (Xe siècle) 381

4Planche IV. — Samson, Apologeticus, BNE, ms. 10.018, f° 152v° (IXe siècle) 382

5Planche V. — Isidore de Séville, Étymologies, BNE, ms. Vit. 14.3, f° 117v° (IXe/Xe siècle) 383

6Planche VI. — Livre des juges, BNE, ms. 10.064, f° 81v° (Xe/XIe siècle) 384

7Planche VII. — Compilation grammaticale, BCT, ms. caja 99.30, f° 9v° (XIIe siècle) 385

8Planche VIII. — Biblia hispalense, BNE, ms. Vit. 13.1, f° 106r° (988) 386

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