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Práticas de Caridade e Assistência em Évora (1650-1750)

Rute Pardal


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Charity and Poor Relief in Évora (1650-1750)

1This study deals with charity and poor relief policies and practices in Évora between 1650 and 1750 and is organized in two analytical perspectives: the first one focuses on the poor relief institutions, their administrators and their options as distributors of resources. The second moves to the community, looking for the families and/or the individuals who, at some moment in their lives, were considered poor, or introduced themselves as such, getting access to the formal poor relief support. In order to analyze both we developed a comparative approach, integrating Évora in the national and European framework, trying to find answers to the questions that guided the research: what meant to be poor in Évora in the early modern period? Who were the poor and how many were they? What kind of support was given to them and which relevance had it in their lives? How the poor have managed their relationship with the poor relief institutions, that is to say, with the Misericórdia de Évora, also responsible for the legacy of the canon Diogo Vieira Velho, and the Cathedral Chapter? During this analysis we’ll demonstrate that the poor relief was only one of the multiple survival strategies used by the poor – by those who monthly received some chickens, but also by those who counted on poor relief after have spent their incomes to marry a daughter or make her enter into a convent: two extreme situations, from a very complex universe, not easily understandable, even when we cross several different documental sources trying to reconstructing some life courses


2ADE – Arquivo Distrital de Évora

3ACE – Arquivo do Cabido da Sé de Évora

4ACME – Arquivo da Câmara Municipal de Évora

5ASCME – Arquivo da Santa Casa da Misericórdia de Évora

6BPE – Biblioteca Pública de Évora

7IAN/TT – Institutos dos Arquivos Nacionais/Torre do Tombo

8Cit. – Citado

9Cf. – Confronte

10Maxime – sobretudo

11S.l. – Sem lugar

12S.n. – Sem editora

13S.D. – Sem data

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