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Uncertainty in Livy and Velleius

Annika Domainko


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1This book is the revised version of my Heidelberg doctoral dissertation, entitled Grappling with Uncertainty: Historical Narrative between the Roman Republic and Principate, which was accepted by the Philosophische Fakultät in April 2017.

2‘Grappling with Uncertainty’ is a phrase that captures the content of this book as much as its writing process. Like any hermeneutic circle, bringing the first ideas that inspired this work to the point of printing needed time for thought and indeed many ‘second thoughts’. I was fortunate to have as my advisor Prof. Jonas Grethlein, who offered both time and space for these thoughts and supported my work from beginning to end. He also gave me the opportunity to pursue my research as a member of his ERC group Experience and Teleology in Ancient Narrative, for which I am grateful. His influence and the ideas developed in this group will be visible throughout these pages. In this context, I also thank my fellow ERC scholars – Jakob Lenz, Dr Luuk Huitink, and Dr Aldo Tagliabue – for their support and feedback on various drafts of this book.

3I am very grateful to Dr Ingo Gildenhard, who agreed to act as the second referee in my doctoral examination and who offered invaluable suggestions for publication. A particular debt of gratitude is also owed to Prof. Christina Kraus, who invited me to Yale University in 2015 and who was very generous with her time. I also thank the members of the department for their hospitality and their many constructive comments. My research stay at Yale was funded by the DAAD.

4While working on this book, I had the opportunity to present my work at various conferences, and I am thankful for discussions at the Universities of Heidelberg, Münster, Dresden, Bristol and King’s College London. Helpful suggestions came from Prof. Hans-Ulrich Wiemer and Prof. Martin Korenjak; I thank them and Prof. Jonas Grethlein for accepting this book for publication in the Zetemata Series. Separately and furthermore, I thank Jonathan Griffiths for his thoughtful copyediting of the entire manuscript and Romkje de Bildt for her careful proofreading. Special thanks are owed to Christian Vater, Mirjam Zumstein, Dr Larry Kim, Sira Schulz, Franziska Swoboda, Judith Unterdörfler, Dr Martin Stöckinger, Anna Baumann and Sina Franzen who were on hand with help, advice and moral support on many occasions.

5Last but not least, I would not be writing these lines were it not for my parents, Claudia and Uwe Franzen. I thank you for your support and your belief in me. I dedicate this book to Willi, my husband, soul, and partner in crime, to whom I owe more than I can ever express – in the middle of nowhere in Russia, on Egyptian highways, and in all times of uncertainty.

6 Chapter 3 is an expanded version of ‘The conception of history in Velleius Paterculus’ Historia Romana’, Histos 9, 2015, 76-110. I am grateful for permission to reuse the article here. The research for this book has received funding from the European Research Council under the European Union’s Seventh Framework Programme (FP/2007-2013)/ERC Grant Agreement no. 312321 (AncNar).

7Unless stated otherwise, all citations of Velleius Paterculus are quoted from Watt (19982). Livy is quoted from Conway-Walters (19544) for the Caudium narrative of book 9, from Conway-Walters (19615) for book 21, from Briscoe (1986) for book 45, and from Ogilvie (1974) for the preface and book 1. Quotations from Horace are taken from the text of Brink (1971) and (1982). Further editions used are listed in the bibliography.

8All Latin and Greek texts have been translated. While faults that remain are of course my own, I have consulted and at times used with modifications the following translations in particular: Shipley (1924), Giebel (1989) and Yardley and Barrett (2011) for Velleius Paterculus; Yardley (2006), Yardley (2013), Foster (19826) and Schlesinger (1951) for Livy; Fairclough (1926), Kytzler (1992) and Oliensis (1998) passim for Horace’s Epistles. Translations from German are my own.

© C.H.Beck, 2018

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