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Les bâtisseurs sur les deux rives de la mer Rouge

Jean-François Breton

Note to the reader

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1This work is conceived as a French-English handbook for the use of archaeologists and researchers from several countries. The French and the English sections are not really “translations”; certain points have been developed more fully in one of the two versions but not the other.

2Toponyms: the toponyms in this book are the terms used by the archaeologists themselves, not (necessarily) those used by epigraphers or linguists; they do not conform to the terminology of the Encyclopœdia Aethiopica.

3Sections having to do with South Arabia have been type-set in Roman type, and those relating to Ethiopia in italics. This will hopefully underscore the points of comparison by providing visual highlighting.

4A glossary at the end will serve as a guide to readers not familiar with architectural terminology (The glossary is in French, but with English equivalents given for the head-words.)

© Centre français des études éthiopiennes, 2015

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