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The Anti-American Century

Ivan Krastev
Alan McPherson


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1Editors of this volume wish to thank the center for Policy Studies at central European university for hosting and supporting a three-year research project “Political conse­quences of Anti-Americanism.” Papers in this volume were first presented at the conference “Past and Present: is there anything new with anti-Americanism today?” held at central European university in Budapest in December 2004. The aim of the volume is to explore the “old” and “new” anti-Americanism from a wide range of perspectives and its various forms in different parts of the world.

2We would like to thank the members of the project Steering committee Diane Stone, Tony Judt, Thomas Carothers, and Ian Buruma for their insights and suggestions. We would also like to thank CEU’s President and Rector Yehuda Elkana for his support in project activities.

© Central European University Press, 2007

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