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Higher Education and the American Dream

Marvin Lazerson


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1The publication of this book by Central European University Press is a measure of my admiration for CEU. The University’s goals of intellectual rigor and passionate commitment to democratic societies in a genuinely international environment make it a model of what higher education can be about.

2Patricia A. Graham and Yehuda Elkana joined together to invite me to become a faculty member at CEU just as I was preparing to leave the University of Pennsylvania and I am deeply thankful they did. My colleagues in higher education—Livui Matei, Rosita Bateson, and Sophie Howlett—challenged me to expand my knowledge beyond the United States, while Public Policy Department chairs, Uwe Puetter and Nikolai Sittler, asked me to think about public policy in new ways. CEU’s President and Rector, John Shattuck, has continued to make the University a welcoming and innovative institution.

3I want to thank the staff at CEU for providing a working environment filled with ideas, humor, and skills: Andrea Katalin Csele, Pusa Nastase, Zsuzsanna Szunyogh, Szilvia Kardos, Heni Griecs, Gabriella Kelemen, Klára Papp, and Anikó Hegedűs. At CEU Press, Krisztina Kós oversaw the process of converting a manuscript into a book with professional skill and Parker Snyder made the text eminently readable. Early versions of individual chapters appeared in Annals of the American Academy of Political and Social Science, Change: the Magazine of Higher Education, Chronicle of Higher Education, and Education Week.

© Central European University Press, 2010

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