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Struggle over Identity

Nelly Bekus


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In this work I intended to give an alternative interpretation to the theme of the Belarusian national idea and nationalism in the context of the systemic transformation of Belarusian society. The thesis of the weak and un developed character of the Belarusian nation has occupied a definite place in the work of Belarusian alternative analysts and Western researchers alike. The emergence of the authoritarian regime and the failure of democratization of Belarusian society are traditionally viewed as both the symptom of a lack of Belarusian identity and the result of weak Belarusian nationalism, which are usually seen as closely interrelated phenomena. Since the first years of Belarusian independence, the disposition of political forces in the country has resulted in the complete merging of “democratization” and “nationalization” rhetoric in the programs of Belarusian parties, whose political failure was assessed as a weakness of the Belarusian nation. The “Belarusian nation” in this co...

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