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Struggle over Identity

The Official and the Alternative “Belarusianness”

Rejecting the cliché about “weak identity and underdeveloped nationalism,” Bekus argues for the co-existence of two parallel concepts of Belarusianness—the official and the alternative one—which mirrors the current state of the Belarusian people more accurately and allows for a different interpretation of the interconnection between the democratization and nationalization of Belarusian society.

The book describes how the ethno-symbolic nation of the Belarusian nationalists, based on th...

  • Verlag : Central European University Press
  • Buchreihe : CEUP collection
  • Erscheinungsort : Budapest
  • Erscheinungsjahr : 2010
  • Auf OpenEdition Books veröffentlicht : 23 janvier 2013
  • EAN (Printversion) : 9789639776685
  • EAN (elektronische Version) : 9786155211843
  • Seitenzahl : 312 p.

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