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Nationalism and Beyond

Nenad Miscevic

The beginner’s guide to the literature

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1This is a short list of books on nationalism that I have found readable and useful as introductions to the literature.

2Two contrasting contemporary views on the origin of nations and nationalism are summarized with consummate skill and readability by their proponents in:

3Gellner, E. 1983. Nations and Nationalism. Oxford: Blackwell.

4Smith, A. D. 1991. National Identity. Harmondsworth: Penguin.

5The whole debate is finely presented and commented upon in:

6Ozkirimli, U. 2000. Theories of Nationalism. London: Macmillan.

7The two best recent anthologies of high-quality philosophical papers on the morality of nationalism are:

8McKim, R. and J. McMahan (eds.). 1997. The Morality of Nationalism. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

9Couture, J., K. Nielsen, and M. Seymour (eds.). 1998. Rethinking Nationalism, supplementary volume, Canadian Journal of Philosophy 22.

10The debate continues in:

11Miščević, N. (ed.) 2000. Nationalism and Ethnic Conflict. Philosophical Perspectives. LaSalle and Chicago: Open Court.

12An interesting anthology from a Central European perspective is:

13Nyiri, J. C. (ed.) 1994. Nationalism and Social Science, special issue of Studies in East European Thought 46, nos. 1-2.

14and from the perspective of southeastern Europe:

15Kuran Burcoglu, N. (ed.) 1997. Multiculturalism: Identity and Otherness. Istanbul: Bogazici University Press.

16A good sociological introduction to gender-inspired criticism of nationalism is:

17Yuval-Davis, N. 1997. Gender and Nation (n. p.: Sage).

18The best general introduction to the communitarian-individualist debate is still:

19Avineri, Shlomo, and Avner de-Shalit (eds.) 1992. Communitarianism and Individualism. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

20For a non-nationalist defense of cultural claims see:

21Kymlicka, W. (ed.) 1995. The Rights of Minority Cultures. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

22The two most readable philosophical defenses of very moderate nationalism are:

23Miller, D. 1995. On Nationality. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

24Tamir, Yael. 1993. Liberal Nationalism. Princeton, New Jersey: Princeton University Press.

25An influential critical analysis of group solidarity in general, and nationalism in particular, written in the tradition of rational choice theory, is:

26Hardin, Russell. 1985. One for All. The Logic of Group Conflict. Princeton, New Jersey: Princeton University Press.

27A detailed sociological study of life under nationalist rule is: Billig, Michael. 1995. Banal Nationalism. London: Sage.

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