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Diana Mishkova
Marius Turda
Balazs Trencsenyi

Basic Secondary Literature on Identity Discourses in Central and Southeast Europe

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The following bibliography gives a selection of fundamental studies pertaining to various aspects of identity discourses in East Central and Southeast Europe we have used when composing our contextualizations to the texts included in the volumes of the Reader. While we obviously could not aim at an exhaustive treatment, we sought to include the books that offer paradigmatic interpretations of individual authors or historical periods both in the local languages and in the main Western academic languages. It is also intended to reflect the richness and complexity of the available literature on these topics which we could draw on while putting together these volumes.

Aarbakke, Vemund. Ethnic Rivalry and the Quest for Macedonia, 1870–1913. Boulder: East European Monographs, 2003.

Adanir, Fikret. Die makedonische Frage. Wiesbaden: Franz Steiner Verlag, 1979.

Agnew, Hugh LeCaine. Origins of the Czech National Renascence. Pittsburgh: University of Pittsburgh Press, 1993.

Ahmad, Feroz. The Maki...

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