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Diana Mishkova
Marius Turda
Balazs Trencsenyi

Chapter IV. Conservative Redefinitions of Tradition and Modernity

Milan Šufflay: The depths of national consciousness

Traduction de Iva Polak

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Extrait du texte

Title: Dubine narodne svijesti. Radić, Bethlen i Mussolini (The depths of national consciousness. Radić, Bethlen, and Mussolini)

Originally published: Hrvatska misao, vol. 4, no. 88, 24 April 1924, pp. 1–2.

Language: Croatian

The excerpts used are from Milan Šufflay, Izabrani politički spisi, edited by Dubravko Jelčić (Zagreb: Matica hrvatska, 2000), pp. 66–70.

About the author

Milan Šufflay [1879, Lepoglava (Western Slavonia)–1931, Zagreb]: historian, writer, and politician. He came from an elite family of mixed ethnic background, his father being a Croat nobleman and his mother a German from Hungary. He earned his doctorate in history in Zagreb, specialized in Vienna and subsequently lived in Budapest for three years, studying Dalmatian and Albanian history. In 1908, he returned to Zagreb and took up a university position, but stayed in close contact with leading Austro-Hungarian academics working on Southeast Europe. In the 1910s, he became one of the pioneers of Albanology by editing...

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