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Diana Mishkova
Marius Turda
Balazs Trencsenyi

Chapter III. In Search of a National Ontology

Nikolaj Velimirović: The Serbian nation as a servant of God

Traduction de Krištof Bodrič et Vedran Dronjić

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Extrait du texte

Title: Srpski narod kao Teodul (The Serbian nation as a servant of God)

Originally published: written in 1941–1942, published posthumously.

Language: Serbian

The excerpts used are from Nacionalizam svetog Save; Srpski narod kao Teodul (Belgrade: Ihtus, Svetosavska književna zajednica, 2001), pp. 65–68, 77–80.

About the author

Nikolaj Velimirović [1880, Lelić, near Valjevo, Serbia–1956, Libertyville, IL, USA]: Orthodox theologian and clergyman. Born into a modest family, Velimirović finished primary school in the Ćelije monastery, and secondary school in Valjevo. In 1902, he graduated with a degree in theology in Belgrade. He continued his education in Switzerland and received his doctorate at the Old Catholic Theology Department of the University of Bern in 1908. In the following years, Velimirović spent time in England and Russia, where he devoted his time less to formal study than to getting to know the culture and life of the respective nations. At the end of 1909, he entered a monast...

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