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Diana Mishkova
Marius Turda
Balazs Trencsenyi

Chapter III. In Search of a National Ontology

Anton Wildgans: Speech about Austria

Traduction de Robert Pyrah

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Extrait du texte

Title: Rede über Österreich (Speech about Austria)

Originally published: Rede über Österreich (Vienna: F. G. Speidel, 1930)

Language: German

The excerpts used are from Anton Wildgans, Zu Zeit und Welt (Vienna: Bellaria Verlag, 1958), pp. 412, 416, 421–22.

About the author

Anton Wildgans [1881, Vienna–1932, Mödling, Lower Austria]: lawyer, poet, playwright, cultural functionary, and journalist. He practiced as an examining magistrate from 1909 to 1911, before turning to writing full-time, incorporating observations of social conditions into his work. The early dramas Armut [Poverty] (1914) and Dies irae (1918) blended naturalism with Christian social justice and stylistic elements from Expressionism, although watered down by comparison with mainstream German exponents, e.g., Georg Kaiser (1878–1945). These plays found audiences at the aesthetically conservative Vienna Burgtheater, of which he was twice director (1921–1922; 1930–1931). His two short stints at this former court theatre, whi...

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