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Media Freedom and Pluralism

Beata Klimkiewicz

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1Table 3.1. Value and criteria framework for the new communications policy model 56

2Table 4.1. Categories of rules under AVMSD 67

3Table 6.1. Proportion of domestic and international production among the top 100 prime time programs broadcast in prime time on the main Czech national TV stations 112

4Table 6.2. Prime-time fiction programs which achieved highest audience ratings on three main Czech national TVs 114

5Table 7.1. Recommendations of the Council of Europe on protecting minors 135

6Table 7. 2. EPRA meetings connected with the issues of protecting minors 140

7Table 10.1. “Old” and “new” assumptions about the nature and

8strategic significance of content 204

9Table 10.2. Extending public service TV and radio with new media 209

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