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The Moulding of Ukraine

Kataryna Wolczuk


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1This book would not be possible without support from a number of people. Dr Judy Batt from CREES was a constant source of encouragement and advice. The research and revision of this book was facilitated by three research projects generously funded by the Economic and Social Research Council: ‘The Political Economy of New States in Central and Eastern Europe and the Former Soviet Union’ (ref.: R000 23 5650), ‘The Quality of Democracy in Ukraine: Representation in and after the March 1998 Ukrainian Elections’ (ref.: R000 22 2380), and ‘“Fuzzy Statehood” and European Integration in Central and Eastern Europe’ (ref.: L213 25 2001). During my fieldwork in Ukraine, over various visits between 1995–1999, my interviewees were generous with the time they devoted in unveiling to me the intricacies of the constitutional process. Valentyna Dorozhkina and Anatoliy Zaiets from the Supreme Council and Anatoliy Tkachuk from the Parliamentary Development Project provided access to crucial primary sources. The staff of the Pylyp Orlyk Institute of Democracy and the Parliamentary Development Project, especially Valentyna Telychenko and Natalia Melnychuk, offered invaluable support on many occasions. Many other people from the Supreme Council, the Presidential Administration, and the Central State Archives of Civic Organisations of Ukraine facilitated the research process at various stages. Special thanks to Iryna and Joachim, as well as Luda for creating a homely feel in Kyiv. Back at CREES, conversations with a fellow traveller, Sean Hanley, provided an opportunity to air many ideas (and frustrations). I am indebted to Sarah Birch, who read and commented on the draft. Frances Millard and Richard Sakwa examined the PhD thesis on which this book is based, and provided valuable comments and kind words of encouragement. Needless to say, I am alone responsible for all the shortcomings. The final thanks go to Roman for being so refreshingly down-to-earth and keeping me on the ‘straight and narrow’.

© Central European University Press, 2001

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