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Past in the Making

Michal Kopecek

Table des matières

Michal Kopecek


Aviezer Tucker

Historiographic Revision and Revisionism

The evidential difference

Eva Hahn et Hans Henning Hahn

“The Holocaustizing of the Transfer-Discourse”

Historical Revisionism or Old Wine in New Bottles?

Michal Kopecek

In Search of “National Memory”

The Politics of History, Nostalgia and the Historiography of Communism in the Czech Republic and East Central Europe

Owen v. Johnson

Begetting & Remembering

Creating a Slovak Collective Memory in the Post-Communist World

Rafał Stobiecki

Historians Facing Politics of History

The Case of Poland

Georgiy Kasianov

Revisiting the Great Famine of 1932–1933

Politics of Memory and Public Consciousness (Ukraine after 1991)