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Emotions in History – Lost and Found

Ute Frevert

List of illustrations


1Fig. 1 Albrecht Durer, Melencolia I (engraving, 1514) 34

2Fig. 2 Le monde renversé. Les femmes se battent en duel (detail from a 19th-century postcard, probably 1843) 67

3Fig. 3 “Chartres, August 18, 1944” by Robert Capa © International Center of Photography/Magnum Photos 78

4Fig. 4 J.B. Basedow, Elementarwerk, plate XXVII (detail): “The furious rage of a woman; its effect on the tea table and the mirror; the servant’s indiscreet laughter” 93

5Fig. 5 Front-page vignette by Daniel Chodowiecki illustrating The Sorrows of Young Werther 108

6Fig. 6 Three editions of Von Tagzu Tag. Das Grofie Màdchenbuch, ed. Rosemarie Schittenhelm, Stuttgart: Franckh’sche Verlagshandlung 1954, 1961, 1972 – dustcover illustrated by Lilo Rasch Nagele, Carola von Stulpnagel, Aiga Naegele. © With kind permission of the publisher Franckh-Kosmos. 126

7Fig. 7 Left: Sudeten German women welcome Hitler, October 1938 (Unknown photographer); Right: Overview of the mass roll call of SA, SS, and NSKK troops. Nuremberg, November 9, 1935 (photo by Charles Russell; ARC Identifier: 558778) 136

8Fig. 8 Logo “Service with a smile” by The Argus With the kind permission of © The Argus – Brighton & Hove City’s local newspaper 142

9Fig. 9 Print “Les Douceurs de la fraternité: François, unissons-nous... qu’une saine harmonie fixe la liberté, sous le regne des loix! Les hommes sont égaux: tous ont les mêmes droits... perisse l’égoisme ; et vive la patrie!” (1794) by Jean Baptiste Gautier (engraver); Henri Nicolas (Illustrator). Source: / Bibliothèque nationale de France 166

10Fig. 10 Collage of the Official Medallion of the British Anti-Slavery Society created in 1795 by Josiah Wedgwood and the female version of an anti-slavery medallion (probably 19th-century reproduction of 18th-century graphic), from the British Museum 172

11Fig. 11 Print “François Pierre Billard condamné au Carcan par arret du Parlement le 18 février 1772 et banni à perpétuité” (ca. 1771-1774). Source: / Bibliothèque nationale de France 189

© Central European University Press, 2011



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