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The Roma: a Minority in Europe

Roni Stauber
Raphael Vago


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1Throughout the planning and editing of this volume we were fortunate in having the help and counsel of our colleagues from the Stephen Roth Institute, Tel Aviv University. Prof. Dina Porat, head of the Institute, supported the project from the outset and we are indebted to her for her advice and encouragement. Beryl Belsky, assisted by Yocheved Welber, did an excellent job of preparing the book and bringing it to publication.

2We wish to express our gratitude to the Friedrich Naumann Foundation, Jerusalem, which supported us in organizing both the conference and publishing the book. Thanks go especially to Dr. Burckhard Blanke, resident representative of the foundation at the time the conference was being prepared, his successor Dr. René Klaff, and the current project director Dr. Hans-Georg Fleck, as well as to our dear friends Bettina Malka-Igelbusch, head of the Israel Desk, and Anne Köhler.

3Many thanks to Ambassador Avi Primor, formerly vice president of Tel Aviv University and currently head of European Studies at Herzliya’s Interdisciplinary Center, who encouraged our efforts to organize the conference on the Roma and the visit of Roma camp survivors to Israel.

4Finally, we would like to express our appreciation to the staff of CEU Press, and particularly Assistant Editor Linda Kunos, who coordinated publication of the volume, and Copy Editor Michael Blumenthal.

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