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Which Socialism, Whose Détente?

Maud Bracke

Primary sources

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Archivio Partito comunista italiano (APCI): Fondazione Istituto Gramsci, Rome


1Direzione (Dir): records of the Direzione meetings with attached documents (microfilm)

2Ufficio politico (UP): records of the Ufficio politico meetings with attached documents (microfilm)

3Segreteria: records of the Secretariat meetings (microfilm)

4Comitato centrale (CC): records of the CC meetings

5Estero (Est): collection of documents regarding foreign countries (correspondence with foreign political parties, reports of meetings abroad, study documents, information bulletins)

6These collections have been consulted for the years 1968 and 1969.


7Fund “Berlinguer”: papers of E. Berlinguer, includes study documents, reports of meetings, correspondence with other communist parties, and so on.

8Collection: “Mondo operaio internazionale 1960–1984”

9Boxes: 15 to 102.

Archives Parti communiste français (APCF): Place Col. Fabien, Paris


  • 2 At the time of my consultation, the full minutes of the BP and Secretariat were not accessible, no (...)

10Bureau politique (BP): incomplete records of the meetings of the BP, includes the agenda and the conclusions of the meetings2

11Secrétariat (Sec): incomplete records of the Secretariat meetings, includes the agenda and the conclusions of the meetings

12These collections were consulted for the period 1965 to 1970.


13Fund “Fajon”: papers of E. Fajon, including internal letters, copies of articles in communist press, reports of international communist conferences

14Boxes: 1 to 12.

15Fund “Waldeck Rochet–Provenance Secrétariat Marchais”: papers of Waldeck Rochet, after 1968 transferred to the Secretariat of Marchais, including reports of meetings, preparations of letters and speeches, personal study papers, correspondence with other communist parties

16Boxes: 5 to 27.

17Fund “Evénements en Tchécoslovaquie”, including correspondence with other communist parties regarding the Czechoslovak crisis, internal notes, press statements, and so on.

18“Archives du Secrétariat”

19Boxes: 1 (6 files), and 2 (6 files)

20“Tchécoslovaquie 1967–1979, transmis par Plissonnier”: 3 files

East German state and Communist Party archives

21Zentrales Parteiarchiv SED (ZPA-SED), Stiftung Archiv der Parteien und Massenorganisationen der DDR im Bundesarchiv (SAPMDB), Berlin

22Boxes: DY 30/3489 to 3521 (Büro W. Ulbricht), DY 30 IV 2/2.035 (Büro H. Axen)

23Politisches Archiv, Auswärtiges Amt, Berlin

24Boxes: 24, 40, C 47, C


1 Press is not included in this list. The press of the PCI and PCF, as well as the French and Italian newspapers and journals used, are referred to in the text.

2 At the time of my consultation, the full minutes of the BP and Secretariat were not accessible, nor were the audio recordings of the Central Committee meetings.

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