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The Bauhaus Idea and Bauhaus Politics

Éva Forgács

Chapter 9. If We Intend to Survive

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ON 5 OCTOBER 1922, Feininger wrote in a letter: 'Two meetings again today and tomorrow. We are forced into a compromise to come out now with the big exhibition we had been planning. We are all reluctant to agree to such art politics… The fact is that we have to show to outsiders how we perform (and what we are able to produce) in order to win over the industrialists. It is a question of do or die for the Bauhaus. We have to steer towards profitable tasks and mass production. That goes decidedly against our grain, and we are aware of forestalling the process of evolution. But we won't consider it a sacrifice if it saves the cause ... As time is short for preparations, the workshops will be open from now on in the afternoons. You can imagine how charged the atmosphere is. Gropi appears in a new light. He has a clear perception of these realities; only he is on the side of the purely mechanical approach. Thank God that Kandinsky, Itten and Muche preserve the pedagogic balance very well...

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