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The Bauhaus Idea and Bauhaus Politics

Éva Forgács

Chapter 3. 'We Shall Draw Grand Designs...

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GROPIUS did not receive a response to his 'Proposals' written in 1916. The stand taken by the Grand Ducal State Ministry Department of the Interior was rather unfavourable: it found that Gropius's plans 'outline only a tenuous relationship with the crafts'.1 The letter sent by the State Ministry to Fritz Mackensen, director of the Academy of Fine Arts, concludes that 'We cannot overlook the fact that this "Proposal" is more concerned with the unification of industry and art, rather than with the crafts that are so much more essential for us, and to which it pays less attention than our obligations in this direction would necessitate ... We deem it worth considering: wouldn't our purposes be served better by a resumption of our negotiations with the architect Endell?'2 However, nothing further was done until the end of the war.

In January 1919, upon the intercession and urging of the writer Ernst Hardt, recently appointed director of the Weimar Theatre, Gropius again approached Baron ...

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