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Savoirs locaux et agriculture durable au Yémen

Frédéric Pelat
Amin Al-Hakimi

Liste des intervenants, institutions et coordonnées (en 2000)

Texte intégral

List of lecturers, organisations & e-mails / fax (in 2000)

Kharaiti L. Mehra
The origin, domestication and selection of crops for specific Yemeni environments
Miquel Barceló
UA. Barcelona Spain
The hydraulic set up of Bayt al Alswal valley : a case study
Joy McCorriston
Ohio State Univ. USA
Ancient agricultural practices in Hadramawt: new insights from the RASA Project
Abdul Gabbar Al-Kirshi
NORADEP Sanaa Yemen
Storage of grains in underground pits (Madafin)
Ahmed M. A. Sallam & Saeed A. Ba-angood
Aden University Yemen
The evolution of insect biodiversity in Yemen
Saleh Omar Al-Baity
Ext° Centre Seiyun Yemen Fax : 05 403 253
Traditional methods of grain storage in Wādī Hadramawt
Saeed Ba-angood
Aden University Yemen
Some ancient practices used for agricultural pest control in Yemen
Abdul Rahman Thabet & Ali K. Ismail
Sanaa University Yemen
Importance of inherited expertise for environmental balance and integrated pest control
Geneviève Bédoucha
CNRS France
Une ‘culture’ de la terre et de l’eau : l’exemple du sorgho
Mohammad Saeed Khanbash
Aden University Yemen
History of beekeeping in Yemen
Abdul W. Saif
AREA Dhamar Yemen Fax : 01 377 081
Agricultural systems in the Highland.
Qadi Yahya ibn Yahya Al-Ansi
Sanaa Yemen
Ancient knowledge in Yemeni farming: a case study in sowing times
Gerhard D. Rappold
Free Univ. Berlin Germany
Hydrological analysis of terraced catchments: a case study of the Tacizz region, Yemen
Ibrahim A. S. Awadh
EPC Aden Yemen Fax : 02 240 615
Documented study on some cases of traditional irrigation systems and water harvesting in Hadramawt and Shabwa governorates
Ali A. Al-Saqaf & Ahmed S. Basouaid
Aen University Yemen Fax: 02 502 443
Traditional methods of spate irrigation in the former Sultanate of Lahj, Lahj governorate – Yemen
Ibrahim Al-Doomi
TDA Hoddeidah Yemen
Yemeni people hunt and harvest rainwater for agriculture and development programmes
Ueli Brunner
Univ. of Zurich Switzerland
Sharing water
Ingrid Hehmeyer
Roy. Ontario Museum Toronto Canada
The spirit of cooperation in Yemeni agricultural practices – successful cases from the past, and their applicability for the present
Ali A. M. Al-Absi
Agric. Res. Auth. Centre Sanaa Yemen Fax : 01 377 081

The importance of Yemeni indigenous rangeland management system
Gerhard Lichtenthäler
SOAS London UK
Adjusting to the extreme shortage of a common resource: runoff, resource capture and social adaptive capacity
Mohammad Aidrus Ali & Helen Lackner
SGRDP Seiyun Yemen
The effect of modern technologies on traditional soil and water conservation techniques in Shabwa and Hadramawt
Stefan Kohler
University of Zurich Switzerland
‘Arabia felix’: traditions as a burden for agricultural development - the impact of ancient and traditional water-rights on the agricultural crisis in Yemen
Daniel M. Varisco
Hofstra Univ. New-York USA
Indigenous knowledge and traditional Yemeni irrigation
Salam Ahmed Al-Ghoory
AREA Mareb Yemen
Ancient agriculture experiences and strategies for agricultural development in Yemen
Amin A. S. Al-Hakimi
YGRC Sanaa Univ. Yemen
Traditional farming systems and their role in developing and sustaining agriculture in the Republic of Yemen
Qahtan Y. Abdul Malek
Min. Agriculture & Irrigation Sanaa Yemen
Ancient irrigation water practices towards sustainable development (lessons for the recent water crisis)
Noori Gamal
EPC Sanaa Yemen Fax: 01 264 062
Hydrology and agricultural development
Mogbel A. Mogbel
AOAD Sanaa Yemen Fax: 01 224 887
Obstacles and perspectives in agriculture in Yemen
Majid Husain
Jamia Millia Islamia New Delhi India
Transformation of agriculture in the developing countries– a case study of India


Salem Al-Ramah &. Jawid A.A. Al-Jailani - SFD Social Fund for Development experience in water harvesting systems
Saed A. Al-Shargabi - MAI Mulching stone in the terraces of coffee plantation
Jamal Sh. Du Grama &. Mad A. M. Al-Ani - Sanaa Univ. Methods of irrigation in ancient and modern Yemeni agriculture
Mad A. M. Al-Ani & Ayoub Al-Mahab - Sanaa Univ. Integrated management for water in Sawan area
Mohammad Al- Ghashm & Abas Abdulmoghni - GTZ Traditional methods of agricultural pest control in Yemen
Issam Al-Moraish - GTZ Traditional methods of beekeeping in Yemen
Abdallah Fadhl - Yemeni Geological Association Aden Some systems of water harvesting in Yemen

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