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L’élevage en Grèce (fin ve-fin ie s. a.C.)

L’apport des sources épigraphiques

Literary sources have long provided ample evidence that breeding was at the heart of the ancient Greek world's agriculture and economic life. However our understanding of the role of breeding in the Greek world can be greatly improved by looking at other sources. In the first part this book draws up an inventory of the epigraphic evidence available ; inscriptions have been reprinted, translated and commented.

Such texts lead to several questions and issues analyzed in the second part o...

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  • Publisher : Ausonius Éditions
  • Series : Scripta Antiqua | 5
  • Place of publication : Pessac
  • Year of publication : 2003
  • Published on OpenEdition Books : 08 avril 2019
  • EAN (Print version) : 9782910023348
  • Electronic EAN : 9782356132888
  • DOI : 10.4000/books.ausonius.7766
  • Number of pages : 464 p.

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