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Hellenistic Karia

Carbon Jan-Mathieu van Bremen Riet

List of maps

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General Map of Karia

p. 11

Map of Karia with provenances as on L. Robert’s labels (Callataÿ-Delrieux)

p. 32

Map of the Greater Mylasa Region and the ‘Little Sea’ (Reger, Konuk)

p. 47

Map of the Town of Milas (Rumscheid)

p. 83

Map of the Plain of Mylasa (Henry)

p. 112

Map of the Region around Aphrodisias (Ratté)

p. 256

Map of the Halikarnassos Peninsula (Carstens)

p. 332

Plan of Loryma with Sanctuaries and Cult-places (Held)

p. 356

Map of the Knidia and neighbouring Regions (Bresson)

p. 436

Karian Cities c. 50 BC (Delrieux)

p. 506

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