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Studies in Greek epigraphy and history in honor of Stefen V. Tracy

Gary Reger
Francis X. Ryan
Timothy Francis Winters

2. The Wider Greek Word

Chapter 20. New Restorations and Date for a Fragment of Hestiatoria from Thespiai (ITHESP, 39)

Paul A. Iversen

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In the Fall of 1989, my first quarter as a graduate student at The Ohio State University, I had to make a decision about what courses I wanted to take for Winter quarter of 1990. One of the classes being offered that quarter was Classics 811, Greek and Latin Epigraphy. It was to be taught by a Professor Stephen V. Tracy, whom I had not met because he was away in the fall of 1989. Though the scuttlebutt amongst the other graduate students was that his courses were demanding, it looked like an interesting subject, so I enrolled. Little did I know how important that decision would become for my career. Over the course of the next ten weeks Professor Tracy not only imparted a firm foundation for the discipline of Epigraphy, but more importantly he taught us the importance of a patient, careful and unbiased examination of evidence. He also communicated his enthusiasm for the subject. His academic rigor and enthusiasm were contagious, and so I asked to become a Research Assistant on the P...


Department of Classics, Case Western University, Cleveland, USA

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