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Studies in Greek epigraphy and history in honor of Stefen V. Tracy

Gary Reger
Francis X. Ryan
Timothy Francis Winters

1. Athens and Attica

Chapter 8. Observations on writing practices in the athenian ceramicus1

Henry R. Immerwahr

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It was many years ago that Steve Tracy asked me what I thought of the validity of his then recently developed method of identifying the hands of stone masons by the types of errors they committed. I told him that from my experience with Beazley’s method of identifying the hands of vase painters in part by small technical differences in their drawing (the so-called Morelli method) I had no problem with it whatever. Meanwhile the method has been well established and has led to important results affecting the chronology of inscriptions, and thus ancient history, especially in the Hellenistic period where the material is copious.

In the early period, we are reduced to more subjective criteria, but the study of the idiosyncrasies of the writers of inscriptions is similar, hence I am offering here some thoughts on the writing practices of Athenian vase painters.

Ever since Kretschmer’s fundamental book, Die griechischen Vaseninschriften ihrer Sprache nach untersucht (1894), the Attic vase i...


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