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Studies in Greek epigraphy and history in honor of Stefen V. Tracy

Gary Reger
Francis X. Ryan
Timothy Francis Winters

Part I. New inscriptions

Chapter 4. The cutter of IG, II², 17: Addenda

Angelos P. Matthaiou

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Students of Attic epigraphy are indebted to Stephen Tracy for his lifelong work on Athenian letter-cutters. His research has concentrated mainly on the cutters, who were active from the middle of the 4th century BC to the 1st century BC. His intention to extend his study further into the first half of the 4th and the 5th centuries BC is evident in two of his articles: one dealing with three cutters of the 5th century BC1 and the other studying a major, as Tracy calls him, cutter of the late 5th-early 4th c. BC, the cutter of IG, II², 172. So far the career of this cutter has been documented from 409/8 to 386/5 and the number of decrees and inventories attributed to him by Tracy has shown that he was very active. To this hand should be attributed four more inscriptions, two published and two unpublished ones.

I shall begin by presenting the two published inscriptions.

The first inscription (fig. 1) is a decree of 422/1 moved by Alcibiades in honor of a certain Polypeithes from Siphnos....


Greek Epigraphic Society, Athens, Greece

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