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Les Variations Jarmusch

Esther Heboyan

Partie III. Variations sur un genre : le film de vampires / Variations on a genre : the vampire movie

Night tales: Jim Jarmusch’s nocturnal film poetics

Mirjam Kappes

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Extrait du texte

“Jim is pretty much nocturnal, so the nightscape
is pretty much his palette. There is something
about things glowing in the darkness
that feels to me really Jim Jarmusch.”
Tilda Swinton1

Mystery Train (1989), Night on Earth (1991) and Only Lovers Left Alive (2013): It is certainly no accident that Jim Jarmusch’s films so often tell stories of peculiar night encounters. They speak of his love for quirky and eccentric characters; people that do not quite fit in the frameworks of society and whose “outcast” or “misfit” existences are (in one way or another) assigned to the realm of night. The director’s fascination with the bizarre, absurd, uncanny and mysterious becomes especially apparent in these cinematic explorations of late-night experiences and events. The time between sunset and sunrise is established as an exceptional state when the strangest moments can take place – a time for odd encounters and intimate confessions.

In his unique way of creating a pensi...


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