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Roanne au Moyen Âge

Monique Le Nézet-Célestin


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Roanne in the middle Ages: a story renewed by recent archeology (5th century to mid-15th century)

Roanne’s (Rodumna) antique past has been studied since the 19th century. A limited amount of information is known about its medieval past – mostly after 1000 AD and the settling of the powerful “lords of Roanne”. As such, a period of several centuries is shrouded in mystery; historians and archeologists have preferred the hypothesis of the town’s importance fading, as had been the case for many cities in the country.

The 2004 discovery of a baptistery and a cemetery shed new light on this relatively unknown Early Middle Ages period; indeed, after being submitted to several scientific tests – ceramic study and radiocarbon dating – the unearthed artifacts revealed, if not a constant occupation of the site ever since the fall of the Roman Empire at the end of the 3rd century AD, at least the presence of a population driven by the appeal of the baptistery, symbolizing the Church’s power and i...

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