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Une agglomération antique en vallée alpine

Agnès Vérot
Franck Gabayet


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Extrait du texte

In the past thirty years, rescue archaeology has offered different approaches for the study of the ancient urban area of Thyez. Although its previous name has not been recorded, geoarchaeological analysis allows today to benefit from a first look at the territory’s occupancy during classical times, and to propose a renewed problematic of the alluvial history of the area before, during, and after Roman settlement.

Thyez is a municipality in Upper Savoy, the inhabitants of which are called the Thylons. The town developed on the right bank of the Arve River valley, at the southern foothills of the Haut Giffre, a few kilometres downstream from the city of Cluses. The Arve is an alpine tributary of the Rhône River. It runs from the Mont-Blanc to Lake Geneva, in a glacial valley shaped by rock bars, basins, and tarns. The Thyez site is located in the Bonneville-Cluses basin, which has been filled by Quaternary alluvium, and at the exit of the rocky narrow pass – or “cluse” – of Magland, wh...

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