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La grotte des Barasses II (Balazuc, Ardèche) : Entre néandertaliens, bouquetins et carnivores…

Camille Daujeard


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The Cave of Barasses II (Balazuc, Ardèche) is a small cavity located in a cliff about fifty meters above the current river level on the right bank of the middle course of the Ardèche River.

Discovered in 1966 and surveyed in 1967 and 1968, it revealed several Middle Paleolithic archaeological levels of Neanderthal times, and a more recent occupation by Cave bears.

The research conducted between 2011 and 2013 was prompted by the desire to unravel territorial occupation and management methods used by Neanderthal groups situated between the Massif Central and the Rhone Valley. Other aims were to obtain comparative data on the chronology of the sedimentary units and their formation thus providing a better understanding of the human and animal occupation events in the cave, especially for the little-known lower units.

The 2.65 m of the excavated cave fill can be divided into three lithostratigraphic series: an upper (units 1 to 4); middle (unit 5) and lower series (units 6 to 8). The diagen...

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