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La marge orientale du vicus de Boutae. Les fouilles Galbert à Annecy (Haute-Savoie)

Franck Gabayet


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The Roman period agglomeration of Boutae is situated at some distance from the heart of the medieval town of Annecy, constructed on a rocky outcrop overhanging the lake at the mouth the river Thiou. The vicus is a small town which, to all purposes, has everything of a larger one. It has a forum and its basilica, a theatre and a sanctuary. Besides these public monuments, Boutae has a developed street layout with houses, within which shop fronts and workshops are integrated. These characteristics signal a vitality due no doubt to the topography of the bourg implanted at the intersection of three roads. These, albeit secondary, itineraries, permit it to shine on a regional scale, and further, thanks to an imperial road linking Italy with the Northern provinces of the empire, via the col du Petit-Saint-Bernard.

The bourgade was established in the “plaine des Fins” from the the second half of the 1st cent. B.C, though questions as to its origin remain to a large part obscure. Similarly, q...

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