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Indian Africa

Adam Michel

Initials and Acronyms

Texte intégral

AGOA African Growth and Opportunity Act (cooperation agreement between the United States of America and about forty African countries)
AKDN Aga Khan Development Network
AKFED Aga Khan Fund for Economic Development
CBS Central Bureau of Statistics (Kenya)
CCM Chama Cha Mapinduzi ( “Party of the Revolution”, the dominant political party in Tanzania)
COMESA Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa
DC District Commissioner
FORD-Asili Forum for the Restoration of Democracy-Asili (asili: “origin” in Swahili)
GK Government of Kenya
HCK Hindu Council of Kenya
IPS Industrial Promotion Service (Aga Khan)
KAM Kenya Association of Manufacturers
KANU Kenya African National Union (majority political party in Kenya)
KENDA Kenya National Democratic Alliance
KFP Kenya Freedom Party (political party created by
Indian-Kenyans in 1959 and absorbed by KANU in
NRI Non Resident Indian
TANU Tanganyika African National Union
TLP Tanzania Labour Party
UBOS Uganda Bureau of Statistics

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